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Loris Bianchi

A typical photographer

Loris Bianchi, wedding photographer based in Haute Savoie, I was born in 1989 in the Paris region. Married and father of a little Léon I’ve been around a lot in my life. I have lived in Paris, Tokyo, Normandy, Marseille and Rennes. I speak French, English and Japanese. 

It took me a while to find what made me tick, to find my way, but now I have. I live in a place I love surrounded by the mountains of the French Alps and I’m doing a job I love since 2018: Going to the 4 corners of France to photograph the most beautiful day of your life. 

My journey is special and I invite you to discover it, From Paris to Tokyo through Marseille and the mountains. My encounter with photography and the need to launch myself in this beautiful adventure. 

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My personality

If I had to define myself in a few words:

Sociable but rather discreet, curious, I like playing the piano in the morning, hiking, motorcycling, traveling and of course photography. I don't like not having coffee in the morning, the rain, and getting up too early (but it makes great pictures, so I do it anyway).

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My life

From Paris to the land of the rising sun


Passionate about art since childhood, first drawing, then music and much later photography. After a chaotic school career, I left school at 16. I’ve been working in the restaurant business and other jobs without being able to find what makes me tick.


At 17, still looking for a goal, I decided to go alone to live in Japan. A 7 year epic that changed my life and my way of seeing things. I learned the language very quickly, and at the beginning I had several small jobs. I collected successes and failures and learned perseverance. After 3 years of difficulties, I joined the hotel business to make a career.


In Japan I met photography by chance through a friend. During my days off, I try different kind of photography: street photography in Tokyo. I go on a motorcycle tour in Japan in search of beautiful landscapes, which is not lacking. I also take the opportunity to travel, to Hong Kong, to Korea. At that time of my life photography was nothing more than a hobby for me.

Return to France

A journey that continues

After 7 years in Japan and not being in phase with the Japanese society, I decided to return to France with one objective: to make photography my profession. I started in Marseille and touched on several fields. Lifestyle portraiture, fashion, real estate and wedding photography. Now settled in Megève in Haute-Savoie, it is in weddings that I have fully found my fulfillment.

Photo de montagne


MY VISION OF wedding

I love beautiful events, tasteful decorations in beautiful estates or in the middle of nature. Restricted weddings and secular ceremonies. Fashion photography still inspires me greatly in my work


I like lively reporting, having a modern approach and being more than a provider. I like to meet you, understand your project and make your photos come to life through an album. A photo should never stay on a hard drive. I myself once lost all my work because of a faulty disk. Because not all my packages contain an album or prints.

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