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Réussir vos préparatifs de mariage

I’m pleased to present “The Guide“, articles created to help you get the most beautiful photos possible for your wedding. You’ll find organization tips, ideas and inspiration for the happiest day of your life. In this first article, I’ll tell you how you can help me create beautiful images and make your wedding preparations a success.

Beautiful wedding photos are the result of teamwork between you, your photographer and your suppliers.

Making your wedding preparations a success

Wedding preparations are among the most intimate moments of your day. Emotionally charged, they are full of excitement, love, apprehension and stress. Your loved ones are all around you, and you’re preparing separately for one of the most important moments of your life. Here are my tips on how to relax and be sure of capturing magical moments in style!

Mariage au château de Fonscolombe

1. Where to get ready

Wedding Venue

Preparations on the venue often offer an intimate and comfortable setting. The vast open spaces and natural beauty of the location can serve as the perfect backdrop for capturing this precious moment. By choosing to get ready on site, you can capture intimate moments with your loved ones and take photos that reflect the unique atmosphere of your chosen location, making the most of it.

préparatifs de la mariée
préparatifs robe mariée

At Home

Preparing your wedding in the privacy of your own home can add a personal and authentic touch to your photos. Your familiar space can help create a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to spontaneous, emotional moments. On the other hand, you’ll need to find a well-lit room with plenty of natural light, and keep the space clean.

Préparatifs mariage à la maison
Noir et blanc détails mariée

3- the hairdressing salon

While the hair salon may seem like a convenient place to get ready, it can often be limited in terms of space and setting for truly unique photos. The environments can be busy and noisy, making it difficult to capture intimate moments. Artificial lighting may not enhance the beauty of your preparations. Opting for a more personal, meaningful location can capture more elegant, emotionally-charged moments. Consider alternative options where your privacy and comfort come first for truly exceptional photos.

Mariée et père préparatifs
Maquillage mariage


Even if you’re not comfortable with photography, you don’t get married every day. Even if you’re not comfortable taking photos, you’ll never get married. After two hours of make-up, hair and your dress, which you’ve chosen with the utmost care, accompanied by all your accessories, you’ll be more beautiful than in your dreams. Your photographer will know how to put you at ease. Trust him, it’s his job, and you won’t regret those portraits that only took a few minutes.

Portrait mariée

2. Details

Accéssoires mariage

Prepare your accessories

Just like your wedding dress, detail photos have their place in the reportage. Consider a careful selection of your accessories, jewelry, wedding rings, shoes and other key items such as stationery so that I can show them off in beautiful settings.

Alliance mariée
Flat Lay Mariage


1- Match your outfits

Every detail counts to create unforgettable photos. One way to make these moments even more special is to select elegant, comfortable outfits for you and your loved ones. Opt for beautiful matching bathrobes. They’ll add a luxurious aesthetic, but they’ll also create a sense of togetherness and complicity between you and your loved ones.

2- Surround yourself with the best

To feel as comfortable as possible, stay in a small circle and surround yourself with the people who matter most at this moment. Your witnesses, sister and mother will be an excellent choice for an emotional session. As with the preparations, harmonizing the tones of your best man’s dresses will have an extra impact on the images.

Mariée et témoin
Peignoirs mariage

For Mr.

1 - Set aside some time for the groom-to-be

Groom preparations, though quicker, are also important. As a general, 30 to 45 minutes are enough to capture these important memories with your loved ones. To make the preparations feasible, it’s important that you’re not within 1 hour’s travel of each other. It’s also for this reason that I recommend getting ready at the venue.

préparatifs du marié
préparatifs marié

2- With your friends

Surround yourself with close friends and get ready at the same time, so you can have a good laugh and forget the stress, and in the mood you won’t have to worry about the camera for natural shots.

Portrait marié
Portrait marié

Your details matter too

Your details count, too, but I need time to set the scene. As for the Bride, remember to centralize your belongings so that I can prepare everything for the photos.

Flat lay marié

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