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6 conseils pour un shooting couple réussi

Today I’m giving you 6 tips for a successful couple shoot. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and doing a romantic photo shoot with your other half, then you’ve come to the right place.

The key to a successful couples session is to capture the alchemy of a romantic moment.

Professional photographer for 5 years, specializing in couple and wedding photography, I’m happy to share my experience with you, so that you spend an exceptional moment with your partner and get beautiful images of your couple or engagement session. My best advice is at the end of the article.

1. Choosing the right location for your photoshoot

The first step to a successful engagement session is to define the ideal location. Whether in the city, in the mountains, on a beach or by a lake, it’s the location that determines the mood and atmosphere of the shoot. To make the right choice, talk to your photographer. As far as I’m concerned, I always have a list of locations that I’ve identified beforehand and to which I refer according to the desired finish.

lieu shooting couple
Couple amoureux
Lieu pour une séance engagement

2. choose your outfit for the session

For an Elegant couple shoot

Once the venue has been chosen, it’s time to start choosing outfits. During my telephone appointment, I will guide you according to your wardrobe and your preferences. The aim is to harmonize your outfits with each other and with the chosen environment. If you want an elegant look, choose an outfit that’s appropriate for both of you. Ladies, get out your best dress; gentlemen, a shirt and suit will give a perfect finish.

For a relaxed shoot

If you prefer a more relaxed style on the beach or in the mountains. A linen shirt and pants in cream tones for the gentleman and a pretty, light dress for the lady will be perfect. Think accessories, like a pretty hat to add a touch of charm.

Mistakes to avoid with your outfit

Remember, the main subject of the photo must remain on you. Avoid logo clothing or flashy colors that could distract attention. You are the stars of the session, not your clothes.

Tenue pour un shooting couple
Une robe sur la plage
Photographe couple séance photo sur la plage
Un couple lors d'une séance photo engagement
Un couple assis qui s'aime



In photography, as in any other field, there are rules to respect. To maximize the success of your shoot, listen carefully to your photographer’s advice. He knows his job. Would you like to start your session at 2:00 pm? if your photographer advises against it, listen to him. The soft, warm light of the Golden Hour, at the beginning or end of the day, is much more flattering than the harsh light and strong shadows of the middle of the day.

The good weather for beautiful images

Of course, the weather also has a say in the rendering, so if it’s overcast, raining or snowing on the big day, don’t worry. If your photographer gives you the green light, go ahead with your eyes closed. Depending on the location, you can also take shelter in the forest or in a pretty building. If not, you can reschedule your session for another day.

Couple à Paris lors de la golden Hour
Viaduc de Passy
Séance Engagement Annecy

4. Take your time before the shoot

Facing the camera is always intimidating, especially when you’re not used to it or don’t really enjoy being photographed. Rather than getting off to a cold start, I always recommend going for a coffee to get to know each other and chat before the session. This helps you feel more at ease and creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Even in the wilderness, I always take a thermos and three cups with me. The more you enjoy your time together, the more authentic your photos will be.

Couple au Louvre

5. Trust your photographer

You chose your photographer based on his or her style and approach. If you like her portfolio and want to hang the most beautiful image of your session in your home, then let her guide you. Trust him and simply enjoy the moment.

Couple au Col de la Forclaz
Bague de fiançailles
Couple avec chapeau

6. Love yourself, have fun, dare!

Be the actors of your session

While the photographer captures the moment, the light, the colors, the emotions and gives his or her style to the image, you are the actors. Personally, I see a shoot as a real team work. In addition to having invested in your session, you expect exceptional photos. So play the game! Even if you feel shy at the beginning. Be affectionate and sweet, and this will be reflected in the photos.

Jump in!

Literally and literally, you don’t shoot a couple every day. If you’re near a lake or on a beach, and the weather’s nice, jump in! If you’re in the mountains in winter, throw yourself into the snow, laugh and enjoy the moment. Not only will you have a great time letting go, but you’ll also get some unique photos. Make sure you do this at the end of the session so you don’t get soaked afterwards.

Couple sur un bateau au lac d'Annecy
Couple à la baie de Talloires
Couple qui s'embrasse dans l'eau

Did you like my 6 tips for a successful couples shoot?

If you liked my 6 tips for a successful couples shoot and would like to take the next step, please visit my dedicated Couples Photographer page to discover my services and packages. Check out my other blog posts if you want more tips for your wedding or other sessions.



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